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Let's build something great and create a robust new media

Welcome to THE INQUISITOR! We're creating an outstanding independent media outlet in the global sports business that focuses on the core tasks of journalism: truth, incorruptibility, investigation, enlightenment, documentation, information, explanation and excellent analysis.

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Mumbai: Opening ceremony of the IOC session. (Photo: IOC/Greg Martin)
Mumbai: Opening ceremony of the IOC session. (Photo: IOC/Greg Martin)

We are a collaboration of experienced and multiple award-winning investigative journalists and whistleblowers, including several who are among the best in their fields worldwide and young talents from all continents. This unique alliance is in the journalistic tradition of the late Andrew Jennings and makes it possible to shed more light on the fundamental problems of world sport – for you, our members, the readers and subscribers. We are fulfilling a journalistic mission that hardly any other media consistently fulfils to such an extent in this subject area.

Are you watching the IOC Session in Mumbai right now? These bizarre events prove once again why THE INQUISITOR is needed. We counter the cult of personality and the Stalinist-Chinese conditions in the IOC with journalism – with more research, with a better infrastructure for the production of enlightening publications.

Almost all major scandals in the Olympic world (and beyond in the sports world) have been exposed by journalists and whistleblowers. Without the work of (too few) journalists, the FIFA trials in the USA, for example, would never have happened. We stand in this tradition.


No bullshit. No blah-blah-blah. No deals. No PR. No propaganda.

Instead: Investigations. Documents. In-depth analyses. Consistency. Data.

That is our promise.

And this much we know: journalists have scrutinised too little and conducted far too few investigations into sports federations related cultural matters. Investigations tend to focus on highly commercial activities and what’s happening at the surface of well-oiled themes. We will go beyond that and deeper into the machinations of federations and how their governance affects their membership of athletes and others and the reputation of the sports they regulate. In the process of looking into corners where light seldom gets in, we will also build and refine a continental and regional newsletter system.

Truth, incorruptibility, investigation, enlightenment, documentation, information, explanation and excellent analysis – we work for those who are committed to these journalistic principles and our mission. We work for you, the founders, our members, readers and subscribers! With all our passion, perseverance and endurance, with our knowledge, with curiosity and intuition and the ideas that flow through our network and our experience.

If we make a mistake, we will deal with it transparently. We will learn and become better.

THE INQUISITOR aims to be the world’s leading independent, investigative media dealing with organised sports crime and governance that lacks transparency and integrity, focussing on the Olympic system but including non-olympic sports and organisations. Please have a look at our website and the FAQs. We've put together an initial offering with information on our core team and authors from all over the world, and with some of our recent (and past) articles. We hope that will give you a better idea of what to expect from THE INQUISITOR.

We are talking with many wonderful colleagues around the world – as well as with other research projects, NGOs, foundations, media and journalist organisations. As our project develops we expect to add more outstanding journalists to the team.

We consider THE INQUISITOR as a great opportunity. United we will thrive. It's as simple as that. Cooperation with colleagues on all continents makes us stronger and our work all the more effective.

What can you do?

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  2. We will be sending out a survey to all those have signed up in order to get a sense of your expectations, wishes and even your ideas of the topics and institutions you would like THE INQUISITOR to turn its attention to. Of course, you can let us know through other channels.
  3. If you would like to get involved in our preparations, if you think that our journalistic reputation justifies financial support in the founding phase, any contribution you feel able to make would be much appreciated as we work to get THE INQUISITOR up and running:

In order to be able to deliver a high-class offer at THE INQUISITOR and to conduct world-class investigative journalism in the global sports business, we are offering paid subscription plans with several incentives.

Our introductory prices were valid from October 2023 to the beginning of February 2024. We will occasionally offer discount promotions.

We are working on several exciting stories to be published in THE INQUISITOR. Many of them are exclusive. We will keep you informed of developments in our main newsletter.

We work in the public interest with your support.

Thank you very much.