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On the value of journalism and devaluation of Olympic principles

The day after an exclusive publication, THE INQUISITOR was banned from the Olympic premises in Lausanne. But the new media outlet is not going away. Came to stay! Because the Olympic systems needs proper inquisitions.

Preacher at the opening of the IF Forum. (Photo: IOC/Christophe Moratal)

Good morning! The last day of the IF Forum, the meeting of more than 100 international federations of Olympic and non-Olympic sport, is just beginning at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. THE INQUISITOR would have loved to continue talking to you on site, dear officials and consultants from the Olympic business, but unfortunately I was escorted out of the Olympic Museum yesterday by security.

"Private meeting", I was told at the end of a day in which I had many very good, civilised and informative conversations. Banned from the premises.

THE INQUISITOR was talk of town because of this article ...

The IOC, SportAccord, the IF Forum and Thomas Bach’s friend Uğur Erdener
What is happening in Lausanne right now at the meeting of all Olympic and non-Olympic IFs? SportAccord continues to make itself superfluous in the interests of the IOC. The information provided by SportAccord and its stakeholders is a disaster. Pretentious. Is Uğur Erdener already president?

... the revenge came immediately.

That's the Olympic reality. In any case, THE INQUISITOR will soon be publishing a major report on the experiences of two dozen journalists who take a close look at how sports federations and organisations, above all the IOC and FIFA, treat journalists and the media and how they consistently attack and suppress free reporting – with lies and threats, with disinformation, with targeted lockouts.

I wrote to the newly appointed IOC oldie at the head of SportAccord – Uğur Erdener, who is already in Montreal, busy with WADA (because there is so much to do and there are simply not enough younger officials who could take on such important positions, there must be people in multiple functions, you know) – yesterday after my expulsion:

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