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Ten reasons why IOC’s Sun King Thomas Bach is causing irreparable damage to the Olympic movement
The IOC president sought to get close to Putin even after the Sochi Doping Games. He fraternised with Xi Jinping. He politicised the 2018 Games in South Korea, driven by the dream of the Nobel Peace Prize. All a miserable failure that dragged the Games deeper into a political quagmire. A commentary.
The case of Insidethegames: beware of Russian propaganda
Just in time for the birthday of the Russian would-be oligarch Umar Kremlev, the final sale of the media platform Insidethegames was announced. The new owners, who operate through a strange corporate construct, are old acquaintances and associates of Kremlin-affiliated Kremlev.
About journalism. Sobre o jornalismo.
THE INQUISITOR can only exist in the long term and deliver consistent first-class journalism if we receive the required funding, including a flow of income from annual subscriptions. Our introductory prices are still valid until tomorrow, January 31.
What would Andrew Jennings do? He would push this project forward.
The most important investigative Olympic journalist has died in 2022, in the year of the sporting rogue states with mega events in China and Qatar. We honor the legacy of Andrew Jennings with THE INQUISITOR project. Read about decades in which our network has been built. This goes beyond journalism.
Olympic status quo: IOC directors earn more money than athletes, Olympic champions – and more than any IF
The salaries of the directors of the International Olympic Committee remain exorbitantly high. Around $50 millions are paid over the four-year cycle - probably several millions more. Read the full list for 2022 after we published it last autumn for 2021.
Constructive investigations – and what you can do
In THE INQUISITOR team, we are convinced that there can be no better constructive journalism than investigative research and the most detailed coverage possible – based on documents. For everything else, there are the ever-growing PR and propaganda departments of the Olympic organisations.
When sporting bodies believe they’re above the law
What is all the talk about good governance worth? Portugal and swimming regulators at global, European and domestic levels, now face the age-old question of what to do when national laws rule you unfit to govern but the sports family thinks it knows better.
On the value of journalism and devaluation of Olympic principles
The day after an exclusive publication, THE INQUISITOR was banned from the Olympic premises in Lausanne. But the new media outlet is not going away. Came to stay! Because the Olympic systems needs proper inquisitions.