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You can reach us anytime by replying to a newsletter or by emailing our office. You can contact any author using the contact details listed on the author pages.

For all basic issues regarding our project please contact:

c/o Jens Weinreich
Parkstr. 13, 16348 Wandlitz, Germany

Should you wish to share confidential information and leave documents with us, there are a few ways of communicating that are a little more secure. For example:

Protecting information and sources is our highest priority. Confidentiality is guaranteed. The partners of THE INQUISITOR have many decades of experience in investigative research against the usual attacks from the Olympic world (lawyers, lawsuits, court cases, threats verbal and physical, cyber-attacks). When you contact us, we calmly discuss how to proceed and the best ways to communicate.

Should we have made any mistakes in our reporting:

  • Corrections: We will correct any inaccuracies transparently without delay. We are grateful for any information sent to this email address.
  • Complaints: And for all those we report on - before you help the lawyer of your choice to generate more revenue, please contact us via email as well.

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... you are also welcome to contact us via email.

You would like to book us for seminars, lectures or investigations? Do you want to cooperate with us as a media company? Contact us.