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For you, with you! Together.

THE INQUISITOR aims to be the world’s leading independent, investigative media dealing with organised sports crime and governance that lacks transparency and integrity, focussing on the Olympic system but including non-olympic sports and organisations.

We are a collaboration of experienced and multiple award-winning investigative journalists and whistleblowers, including several who are among the best in their fields worldwide and young talents from all continents. This constantly growing unique alliance is in the journalistic tradition of the late Andrew Jennings and makes it possible to shed more light on the fundamental problems of world sport – for you, the readers and subscribers. We are fulfilling a journalistic mission that hardly any other media consistently fulfils to such an extent in this subject area.

If you would like to get involved in our preparations, if you think that our journalistic reputation justifies financial support in the founding phase, any contribution you feel able to make would be much appreciated as we work to get THE INQUISITOR up and running:

Thank you!