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Frequently asked questions about THE INQUISITOR

THE INQUISITOR aims to be the world’s leading independent, investigative media dealing with organised sports crime and governance that lacks transparency and integrity, focussing on the Olympic system but including non-olympic sports and organisations.

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A typical target group of THE INQUISITOR: Four masters of their universes. IOC member Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, Emir of Qatar; IOC member Gianni Infantino, FIFA president; warmonger Vladimir Putin; and a football. (Photo: President of Russia)

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We are a new, independent online magazine with a regular newsletter. We are a collaboration of experienced and multiple award-winning investigative journalists and whistleblowers, including several who are among the best in their fields worldwide and talents from all continents. This unique alliance is in the journalistic tradition of the late Andrew Jennings and makes it possible to shed more light on the fundamental problems of world sport – for you, our members: readers and subscribers. We are fulfilling a journalistic mission that hardly any other media consistently fulfils to such an extent in this subject area.

THE INQUISITOR project is committed to the core tasks of journalism: Truth, incorruptibility, investigation, enlightenment, documentation, information, explanation and analysis.

2. Who is behind THE INQUISITOR?

THE INQUISITOR will exist because of subscribers. We work in the public interest with your support. THE INQUISITOR has a single purpose: to facilitate high-class, exemplary journalism in a field rife with scandals of all kinds, including organised crime, state corruption, propaganda and sportswashing.

3. Why should I read THE INQUISITOR? What makes you different?

There are many good and courageous journalists covering the sports business worldwide who do an outstanding job under increasingly complicated conditions. THE INQUISITOR already brings together many colleagues who have proven their class and resilience over many years in a way that few other (traditional) media in the field can match. Our concentration of knowledge and experience, together with our global network and passion make THE INQUISITOR unique.

In terms of what makes us different, we can guarantee:

No bullshit. No blah-blah-blah. No deals. No PR. No propaganda.

Instead: Investigations. Documents. In-depth analyses. Consistency. Data.

That is our promise.

If we make a mistake, we will deal with it transparently. We learn and become better.

4. How can I read THE INQUISITOR?

The main distribution channel of THE INQUISITOR is a newsletter. We will additionally offer regional and thematic newsletters. You have to register as a member. You can also subscribe and thus finance high-class journalism and investigations.

Articles will be available first and exclusively to members and subscribers of our newsletter.

Subscribers to THE INQUISITOR will receive additional newsletters, additional articles to those on the website, additional information, documents, data and analyses.

Some articles will be freely available on the website from time to time.

5. How often does THE INQUISITOR publish?

The aim is to publish one article a day from Monday to Friday in the course of 2025. That said, please bear in mind that in-depth research and high-class analyses are not something you just shake out of your sleeve. The same applies to data projects. We are not in the business of churning out many articles every day. Our focus is on quality and exclusivity.

Accordingly, from the very beginning there will be regular contributions that involve an extremely high level of research and production efforts. This combined with data, documents and systematics – that is THE INQUISITOR.

6. In which languages are the articles and newsletters published?

Our main language is English. Every publication is offered in English. In addition, depending on the topic, we are also planning regular contributions in Spanish, French, Portuguese and occasionally in additional languages.

7. I have confidential information for THE INQUISITOR, how can I submit it?

The protection of whistleblowers and sources is one of the most important values in journalism. We all have many years of experience in protecting our sources, and our founding group includes whistleblowers. Most of us have successfully provided this protection against formidable opposition, threats and legal action.

Here are some options for contacting us that have proven successful many times. We will make further options available.

8. How is THE INQUISITOR financed?

Our project is financed by the subscriptions of our members in several categories and by donations, compatible with the nature of our work.

9. How can I support THE INQUISITOR?

The first step is: sign up for the newsletter. Become a member. If it appeals to you, if it convinces you and you want to build something special together with us, then the second step is: subscribe to THE INQUISITOR. Get full access via one of our packages.

If you are convinced by what you read, please spread the word: share links, posts and the registration platform on all your channels. That would make us very happy.

We are happy to accommodate students, the unemployed and other interested parties in difficult circumstances. Contact us, we will find a solution.

10. Can I donate to THE INQUISITOR?

We welcome donations. You will find the donations button on the right of the header menu. You may also use these links:

Currently, we are not a not-for-profity entity, and we are not legally entitled to issue donation receipts for such support. It may be that this will change in the foreseeable future.

11. How do I subscribe and how do I pay?

Our newsletter system is provided by the open source platform Ghost. Ghost cooperates with the payment service provider Stripe. If you have decided to subscribe, you will be immediately redirected to Stripe, where you can conveniently complete the payment process in a few seconds. It works quickly, easily and reliably.

If there are any problems, please inform us immediately – we will endeavour to find solutions promptly.

With annual subscriptions, we always give you a considerable discount and numerous content benefits. Feel free to take a look at the packages.

We will occasionally offer discount promotions.

If you want to sign-on straight away, here are the links to our packages:

12. Which packages and services can I book as an individual?

As an individual you can book these packages:

Bronze (monthly, annual)

  • full access website, newsletters

Silver (monthly, annual)

  • full access website, newsletters, incentives
  • annual payment: 1 copy of additional electronical publications (e-books, e-papers)

Gold (monthly, annual)

  • all inclusive for 2 individuals – guest access included
  • full access website, newsletters, additional products, naming
  • annual payment: additional guest access - invite a friend and/or colleague!
  • annual payment: naming in one of our newsletters if desired (of course also under a pseudonym)
  • annual payment: 1 copy of possible additional electronical publications (e-books, e-papers)
  • annual payment: 1 copy of possible printed publications (magazines, books)

13. Which packages can be booked by companies, Olympic sports federations, NOCs, continental federations, organisations, institutions of all kinds, sports ministries, leagues, media outlets and others?

These entities can book the following packages:

Business (monthly, annual)

  • full access website, newsletters. all additional products
  • advertising options
  • monthly payment: full access for 4 team members – annual payment: full access for 8 team members
  • annual payment: 10 copies of possible additional electronical publications (e-books, e-papers). Fair use: more copies subject to negotiation
  • annual payment: discount on potential advertising interest
  • You do not buy the right to special treatment. Fair journalistic competition is guaranteed – we will report on you like any other institution

14. Which packages can public institutions, non-olympic sports federations, athletes' organisations and NGOs book?

We accommodate all of these institutions by offering cutomised packages on the basis of the Business Package. We will give reasonable discounts to athletes' organisations and athletes' unions and NGOs in particular. Please contact us. We will find quick and uncomplicated solutions.

15. How can my company/institution become a sponsor of THE INQUISITOR?

You may book sponsorship at any time. It's easy and done in a minute: monthly package, annual package.

However, we reserve the non-negotiable right to cancel such bookings immediately: The sponsors must be in line with our goals and values. Please note that we will exclude betting providers, companies and organisations from rogue sports states and dictatorships, which do not tolerate free journalism.

All packages can be customised and tailored to your needs. Please contact us. We will find quick and uncomplicated solutions.

Our introductory prices were valid from October 2023 to the beginning of February 2024. We will occasionally offer discount promotions.

16. Can media outlets cooperate with THE INQUISITOR?

Media wishing to enter into a research partnership with us and/or utilise our capacities (research, contributions) are welcome to contact us at any time with their proposals and fee ideas.

17. Can articles be licensed and re-published by other media, organisations and companies?

Media of all genres, organisations and companies are welcome to contact us for secondary distribution – as well as organisations and companies. There are three conditions for this:

  • The quality and content orientation of these potential licensees must fit with our goals and values. If necessary, we will first do a background check. Of course, we exclude betting providers, companies and organisations from rogue sports states and dictatorships, which do not tolerate free journalism.
  • Should we come to a positive conclusion, it will then be a question of an appropriate fee. We will issue an invoice immediately. Contributions may only be used after agreement and confirmation of invoice.
  • This licence also includes the obligation to mention and link to THE INQUISITOR and our authors in the respective publication – not hidden somewhere, but clearly visible.

18. Will there be podcasts and other projects

Part of the answer is: it would be great. Online seminars, gladly also conferences on all continents. Podcasts and e-books anyway. Our team has all experiences and skills on these fields.

The main part of the answer is: In phase one, we focus on publishing good quality on a permanent basis, pushing our research and securing the operations of THE INQUISITOR. After that we talk about other things. Step by step.

19. How do I contact the editorial office?

You can reach us anytime by replying to a newsletter or by emailing our office. You can contact any author using the contact details listed on the author pages.

Should you wish to share confidential information and leave documents with us:

Corrections and complaints:

  • Corrections: We will correct any inaccuracies transparently and without delay. We are grateful for any information sent to this email address.
  • Complaints: For all and for all those we report on – before you help the lawyer of your choice to generate more revenue, please contact us via email as well.

20. I'm having a problem with my subscription, emails, credit card, or something else related to my account. What can I do?

We all hope not, but we know that in any system there will always be problems. Should that be the case, you will find numerous links and buttons to contact us. We will always try to find a solution in a timely manner.

21. How can I cancel my subscription?

If you have registered as a reader, you can cancel this registration at any time. You will find a number of convenient ways to do this in newsletters and on this website.

  • For example, you can click unsubscribe in the footer of each newsletter.
  • On the website, you can access your personal settings by clicking on ACCOUNT in the top right-hand corner and on the floating red account button in the bottom right-hand corner – manage emails will take you to the next option, at the very bottom you will find unsubscribe from all emails and in the account you will also find the button contact support, which you can use to send us a short note by email. We will not like your decision, but we will then delete you from the lists. Should you have any problems with this, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

If you have taken out a subscription on a monthly payment basis, you can cancel this on a monthly basis using the methods outlined above.

If you have taken out a subscription based on an annual payment, then the subscription is valid until the end of that year.

Our work, our content and our passion are the best ways to convince you to renew subscriptions and not let them expire.



Welcome to the French Olympic tax haven!

Welcome to the French Olympic tax haven!

Behind the massive IOC propaganda, the Paris Olympic Games are based on France’s extreme submission to the Gods of Olympism. Tax gifts, labour law, princely treatment, everything has been done to convince and seduce Bach and his supporters. A boon for the IOC.

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