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Kuwait sports authority calls for investigation against top Olympic official Husain Al-Musallam

Did Husain Al-Musallam, president of World Aquatics, award a company owned by his wife and children contracts from public funds? Kuwait's sports authority has handed the case over to the public prosecutor's office. Did he also provide for his family from OCA accounts?

Happy Olympic family: co-conspirator #3, IOC deity. (Photo: World Aquatics)

World Aquatics will probably have to look for a new president, a new Captain Aqua. Or will the Aquatics Integrity Unit, founded by Husain Al-Musallam, the International Olympic Committee and the mendacious ethics commission of the Olympic Council of Asia find tricks and excuses to save him this time too?

Husain Al-Musallam still feels reasonably safe in Doha at the Aquatics World Championships. But things are getting increasingly dicey for him, the suspected multiple offender, bribe payer and co-conspirator #3 in a global FIFA criminal case.

It is no coincidence that Al-Musallam also met with representatives of his new adopted country in Doha, on the sidelines of the World Championships: with Hungary's President Katalin Novák, for example. Novák resigned in the meantime over a sex abuse pardon.

Al-Musallam wants to move World Aquatics to Budapest by 2027. Does this perhaps also have something to do with the fact that he needs a kind of exile? It has long been rumoured in the scene whether Al-Musallam already has a Hungarian passport.

Happy Olympic family in Doha: Hungarian president, resigned in the meantime, co-conspirator #3. (Photo: World Aquatics)

Another dubious event took place on the fringes of the World Championships in Doha: the extraordinary congress of Asia Aquatics, which also dealt with apparently missing millions. THE INQUISITOR has seen videos of this turbulent meeting, at which Al-Musallam dubiously tried to take control and play down the issue of the missing millions. Apparently, bylaws were violated around this congress, including a strange express election of the leadership of Asia Aquatics, which went in favour of Husain Al-Musallam and his fellows.

We can present new documents.

This will be discussed in detail later. But back to the biggest problem for Captain Aqua at the moment. The investigation on a potential criminal case.

As THE INQUISITOR reported in detail last week, Husain Al-Musallam is suspected of a corrupt offence, this time in his capacity as director general of the Kuwait Olympic Committee (KOC). The amount involved is 3,424,500 KWD (approx. €10,4m).

Groundhog Day: the next corruption allegations against the president of World Aquatics
He calls himself Captain Aqua. Husain Al-Musallam has been linked to a series of dubious dealings. The Kuwaiti was exposed as a bribe payer in FIFA criminal proceedings as the sidekick of the convicted Olympic Sheikh Al-Sabah – and is now once again accused of shady deals.

Al-Musallam is said to have awarded a part of this sum, which was provided from state funds for the third Gulf Games in December 2021, to the company Dynamic General Trading & Contracting, which is – according to the authorities – owned by members of his family.

In another document, a company Dynamic General Trading Import and Export is mentioned. There may also be two companies.

In a letter dated 13 February 2024, the authorities forwarded the case to the Public Prosecutor General's Office.

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