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joseph blatter

Human rights abuser Sheikh Salman (FIFA, Bahrain), human slaughterer Mohamed Bin Salman, Infantino, butcher Putin.

FIFA World Cup 2034 Saudi Arabia™

The news behind the news on the 2030 World Cup is that the 2034 World Cup will go to the sporting rogue state of Saudi Arabia and the chainsaw monster MBS. It sounds weird: FIFA does not act worse in awarding its mega-events than the IOC does with the Olympics, but comparatively transparently.

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Fatma Samoura, outgoing General Secretary, FIFA Deity Gianni Infantino. (Photo: FIFA/Twitter)

"I love you, president"

Fatma Samoura is stepping down as FIFA's General Secretary. There is no reason to regret that. There is no reason to celebrate Samoura for anything. The woman from Senegal is a princely paid mascot of FIFA dictator Gianni Infantino. She has always covered up for his dirty dealings.

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Gian Franco Kasper. (Photo: IOC / Benoît Fontaine)

RIP Gian Franco Kasper

An incomparable era is coming to an end. In 97 years of the FIS, there have only been 5 presidents, 70 years of which two Swiss men determined the course of events in their federation. In these 97 years, the Catholic Church has had 8 popes, at least. An obituary for Gian Franco Kasper (1944 - 2021).

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