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Last call: Subscriptions at a special price only today

Take your chance! The discounted introductory prices end today, 31 January. Book your subscription to THE INQUISITOR and finance investigative journalism. Receive a journalistic gift.

Let's talk about money. (Photo: Imago)
Let's talk about money. (Photo: Imago)

Dear readers!

On 16 October last year, we presented our international collaborative project THE INQUISITOR to you for the first time. We called it pre-launch. Since then, we have published several dozen articles, mostly the product of lengthy investigations by our authors, garnished with a wealth of exclusive information and documents. Several articles attracted attention within the Olympic family.

We want to continue along this path – together with you.

Dozens of topics are in the pipeline. In the coming weeks and months, we want to discuss numerous key topics in more depth than few media do. Elsewhere, the mainstream is dominated by football topics, football and, yes, football again. Not here. We will continue to focus on sports policy contexts, first-class analyses and in-depth research and contribute the knowledge we have gathered over many years.

And yes, FIFA and UEFA criticism has also become mainstream – since 2 December 2010 and 27 May 2015 at the latest. But we don't stop there – we try to broaden our view of the entire Olympic cosmos and many other organisations, federations, institutions and sports. Given the huge range of topics, this will of course only ever be an attempt. On the other hand, it remains the case that it is more important than ever at a time when fewer and fewer media outlets are providing continuous, research-based reporting on this field.

You know all this. And you also know that hardly any major scandal in the sports business in recent decades has not been the product of journalistic research. We are part of the tradition of investigative journalism, which is still the exception in sport.

So let's make a long story short: this is not the first newsletter (from any area and from any journalistic media) that has landed in your inbox telling to you: Dear readers, just as you naturally pay every day for bread and water, for petrol and electricity, perhaps also for your subscriptions to Netflix and Apple TV, for the Premier League, the Bundesliga and all sorts of other pay-TV products, perhaps still for newspapers and magazines, you might consider paying for what THE INQUISITOR has to offer as well.

THE INQUISITOR can only exist in the long term and consistently deliver first-class journalism if we receive the required funding, including a flow of income from annual subscriptions. The latter is key – subscriptions.

Our discounted introductory prices end today, January 31 – both for private individuals and for business subscriptions.

From February 1, we will offer our services at the regular, higher, prices.

So, Carpe Diem, seize the day!

Book and receive a journalistic gift.

Each of you who takes out a subscription or makes a donation today will receive the e-paper (pdf) of the magazine in honour of Andrew Jennings, which most of us helped to produce.

What would Andrew Jennings do? He would push this project forward.
The most important investigative Olympic journalist has died in 2022, in the year of the sporting rogue states with mega events in China and Qatar. We honor the legacy of Andrew Jennings with THE INQUISITOR project. Read about decades in which our network has been built. This goes beyond journalism.

This magazine – 82 pages, contributions from 53 authors from 17 countries, including part-time journalists such as Joseph Blatter, Dick Pound and Lord Triesman – is a perfect example of what THE INQUISITOR stands for and the tradition in which we work.

Here are your options, the links will take you directly to the payment process and save you one booking step:

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For companies, federations, institutions, organisations:

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Thank you for your attention.

Kind regards.