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FIFA will start the tail between the legs of Chad (and Guinea)

Coming in large numbers to Chad to impose its single-candidate election, FIFA is for the moment empty-handed: the public prosecutor has cancelled the elections, and the security forces have prevented FIFA from passing in force. A failure after that of Guinea a few days earlier.

Scheduled for Saturday, November 25, the elections of the Fédération Guinéenne de Football (FEGUIFOOT) did not take place since the quorum was not reached. Shunned by the statutory members (only 23 out of 65 had come when at least 34 people were needed), the elections were postponed to Sunday, November 26. Without success, under the astonished eyes of Rolf Tanner, head of the governance department for FIFA who had assured his colleagues in Zurich that everything would go well.

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Dispatched to the site urgently, the regional director of the division of member associations for Africa, Gelson Fernandes, met with the various players in Guinean football to find a solution. Another failure to which the government, through the Prime Minister, began to blame FIFA; the latter having imposed a standardization committee on Guinea at the end of November 2021 against the advice of the CAF-FIFA mission, although dispatched on the spot. A political decision taken by Fatma Samoura, then secretary general of FIFA, and Véron Mosengo-Omba, recent Secretary General of the CAF, to dismiss for good the former President of FEGUIFOOT, Antonio Souaré.

Already emberlificoté in a maze of financial and political concerns, this choice has definitely bogged down Guinean football. Carefully place knowledge to them (president Mariama Diallo Sy by Fatma Samoura, vice president Sega Diallo by Véron Mosengo-Omba under the advice of his friend Amadou Diaby) in a brinque balant standardization committee, FIFA and CAF deliberately favored their interests over those of Guinean football.

A situation reminiscent of that of Chad as described yesterday by THE INQUISITOR (The FIFA game: blackmail and probably invalid elections in Chad's football federation).

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