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IOC vs Al-Sabah brothers: the end of the Kuwait empire

Exclusive: the (non-independent) IOC Ethics Commission opens proceedings against Sheikh Ahmad. A district court in Lausanne dismisses a complaint by Sheikh Talal. Read the complete document of the IOC here.

Internal OCA memo.

According to a statement prepared for the IOC executive board by ethics secretary Pâquerette Girard Zappelli (annual salary $519,180), the International Olympic Committee's so-called Ethics Commission has opened proceedings against long-time influential power broker Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah right after Ahmad's defeat in an criminal appeal process was reported a fortnight ago.

Sheikh Ahmad, a long-time ally of IOC deity Thomas Bach, is a convicted criminal. THE INQUISITOR published the judgement of the Chambre pénale d'appel et de révision (CPAR) in Geneva in full – in the original French and in a rough English translation.

To make it easier for you to access the new material, we are granting all those who subscribe to THE INQUISITOR today the introductory discount that actually expired yesterday at midnight. Take your chance!

Sheikh Ahmad, who enjoyed the favour of his IOC colleague Emir Tamim Bin-Hamad Al-Thani for several years, has so far only been suspended by the IOC, but remains a member. In 2018, he suspended himself in bad old Olympic tradition.

Ahmad's IOC membership is likely to be short-lived. Or does the IOC want to play for time here too and await the judgement of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court should Ahmad lodge an appeal there?

Olympic powerbroker Sheikh Al-Sabah sentenced to prison
Sheikh Ahmad Al-Sabah has been sentenced to prison. Our author has observed the Kuwaiti Sheikh for many years and has been threatened by the Sheikh’s aides several times. He describes the methods that brought Ahmad to power and the implications of the conviction for Al-Sabah and the Olympic system.

The question remains as to whether Ahmad will take revenge on those who thwarted his Olympic career dreams (and those of his brother Sheikh Talal). Will Ahmad capitalise on his knowledge and drag others down with him?

Last year, the IOC declared the presidential elections in the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) invalid in an unprecedented arbitration ruling.

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