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Indiscreet and unprofessional: the IOC Sun King in a prank conversation with an alleged African politician

Thomas Bach fell for pranksters. Of course, this has also happened to high-ranking politicians in recent years. However, it surprises how arrogantly amateurish the IOC Sun King acts. What do his many princely-paid directors actually do for a living if they advise Bach incredibly badly?

Of course, nobody wants to fall for a prank. Nobody wants to fall for a Russian prank. Nevertheless, there is no reason to portray the Sun King of the IOC, Thomas Bach, as a victim (as the IOC's propaganda department has been doing for some time) because he has fallen for a prank several times. After an editorial discussion, we have decided that there is no reason not to publish the compilation of the Russian pranksters.

Take a look for yourself. We seriously recommend watching these 42 minutes and listening very carefully. We can learn a lot about this IOC president from it.

Not much good, though.

In several conversations with Russian pranksters, the indiscreet and unprofessional IOC Sun King chats about …

  • France's President Napoleon Macron,
  • the Greek Margaritis Schinas, Vice-President of the European Commission,
  • about confidential talks with Zimbabwe's Sports Minister Kirsty Coventry,
  • on Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko,
  • on WADA, on CAS
  • warmonger Vladimir Putin,
  • his own future as IOC president (term extension),
  • on "this poor girl Valieva",
  • on IBA president Umar Kremlev ("a corrupted and corrupting guy ... he has changed his name because of criminal past"),
  • about Russia's Future Games and Friendship Games and
  • ... about why he somehow has Hungary under control when it comes to organising a kind of EU resolution against the Friendship Games and the politicisation of sport.

Bach promises his interlocutor, a Russian prankster posing as an "African politician", that Hungary won't let go:

"Let this be in my hands. Don't worry there too much."

Why does Bach actually believe he has influence over Hungarian politics and the would-be dictator Viktor Orbán? What game are they playing? Is it to do with Olympic bids again? Just some of many interesting questions arising from the IOC Sun King's comments.

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Welcome to the French Olympic tax haven!

Welcome to the French Olympic tax haven!

Behind the massive IOC propaganda, the Paris Olympic Games are based on France’s extreme submission to the Gods of Olympism. Tax gifts, labour law, princely treatment, everything has been done to convince and seduce Bach and his supporters. A boon for the IOC.

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